Home Assistant Add-on

Documentation: https://pethublocal.github.io/

Code: https://github.com/PetHubLocal/pethublocal

Add-on: https://github.com/PetHubLocal/addon


Follow these steps to get the add-on installed on your system:

  1. Navigate in Home Assistant to Settings -> Add-ons -> Add-on Store.
  2. Up the top right with the 3 Dots select Repositories
  3. Add PetHubLocal Addon Repository: https://github.com/PetHubLocal/addon
  4. In the Add-on Store a new repository PetHubLocal Home Assistant Add-on has now been added to the bottom so find the "Pet Hub Local" addon and click it.
  5. Click on the "INSTALL" button.
  6. WAIT as it can take up to 7 minutes for the add-on to deploy as it needs to download the Home Assistant Docker image, install OS packages and PIP install all the python packages. It takes a while so just get a coffee or something rather than navigating away from the install screen.


The configuration requires two changes to the core_mosquitto configuration and configuring the add-on as well.

Core Mosquitto add-on configuration

  1. Add a new local user for the PetHubLocal broker to be able to authenticate to the core broker by adding the following under the Logins section. THis is because the core Mosquitto broker requires authentication which is an issue as the Hub doesn't support MQTT authentication. So the addon includes a Mosquitto broker and connects to the core broker as a remote broker with a username and password.
  • Add pethublocal user to the core broker by adding the following under the login section.
 - username: pethublocal
   password: pethublocal
  • Update the TLS port from 8883 to anything else such as 8882 so then the PetHubLocal Broker can listen for the Hub MQTT messages on port 8883 not the core broker.

You can also set a different password in the Mosquitto addon password and match it to the broker_password variable in the PetHubLocal addon but it defaults to pethublocal.

PetHubLocal add-on configuration

You then need to add your SurePetCare Cloud EMail Address and Password to download everything.

  • broker_password: This is the password for logging into the Core Mosquitto Broker so needs to match the above password.
username: email@address.com
password: secretpassword
broker_password: pethublocal